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Grade 4

Warm Ups

- Yum

- eee (twangy)

- Bub (Tongue out) 

ee - AHH.. 

Jump up 5 notes the "Ahh" down the scale.

A strong push from your belly on the jump staying in your chest voice (without shouting.)

Tounge Twister

- Red lorry, yellow lorry

- Copper bottomed coffee pot

- Petter pipper picked a pepper

- Black beach beetle

- Proper Cup Of Coffee

- Fifty Frantic Fishes

- She Stood On The Balcony 

- A Terrible Difficult Thing To Say 


Sight Reading


Clap these rhythms one bar at a time, then try putting them all together keeping in time.  

Up and Down the scale

Sing these exercises, all to a "La" sound.  Try on your own before doing it with the track. 

Grade 4 Practice Tests

You will get a chord and a starting note. Then you will have 30 seconds to look through your part (top line). After 30 seconds, you will get the chord and starting note again. I will count you in and then the test will begin. 

Remember to do it to a "La" sound. 


A. Sing Back This Melody

A piece will be played twice, after the second play through sing back the melody.

B. Sing These Notes

You will be given a chord and the first note, after which you need to sing the rest .


C. Questions

 - Describe the dynamics.

- Was the piece in major or minor?

- Describe the character of the piece. 

D. Clapping a RHythm 

You will hear the rhythm twice. After the second play, repeat the rhythm back. Also, tell me if it was in 2, 3, or 4. 

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