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Pre Test

Warm Ups

Deep Blue Sea

Far blue sea, rolling ocean.

Far blue sea, sun and sand.

Far blue sea, rolling ocean. 

Far blue sea, meets the land.

The La Ladder

La la la...

Tounge Twister

The tip of the tongue,

the teeth and the lips, 

will make every word

as clear as can be. 

The tip of the tongue, 

the teeth and the lips, 

are working together

as you can see! 


Sight Reading


Clap these rhythms one bar at a time, then try putting them all together keeping in time.  

Up and Down the scale

Sing these exercises, all to a "La" sound.  Try on your own before doing it with the track. 


A. Clap The Tempo

Clap in time with the beat of the music 

B. Clap This Rhythm

Clap back the rhythm straight back. There are two rhythms one after the other. 

c. sing these notes

You will hear three notes. Sing them back. 

d. Questions

D1 - Is this piece loud or soft?

D2 - Is this piece fast or slow?

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