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Becca Toft

Maths Tuition

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About Becca Toft

Becca is a maths tutor based in Farnborough specialising in junior to 11+ and 13+ common entrance level maths.

She has been as a one-on-one tutor since 2013 and has worked in the privet and public school system. 

In lessons, we look at different ways to approach maths and find learning techniques that work for each individual pupil. We try to overcome any concerns and find the logic behind how the numbers work. 

From those struggling to those wanting to take their maths knowledge up a notch, one-on-one tutoring will have a positive impact on everyone's learning. 

Becca has an up-to-date DBS and is fully insured to work from her home office.  Please contact me if you have any further questions. 

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“Becca gave me the knowledge to go into my common entrance maths exam with confidence and helping me achieve the grade I was hoping for ” 


—  Natalie, age 13




£25 per hour lesson

£15 per half-hour lesson

Home Tutoring (in special circumstances)

£30 per hour lesson

£20 per half-hour lesson


Online Learning

£25 per hour

£15 per half-hour lesson 

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