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Providing exceptional online tuition for
11+ and Pre-Test Maths, and
Grade 5 Music Theory

Doing Homework
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About Becca Toft

Hi, I am a tutor based in Ash, Surrey, specialising in 11+ maths entry exams and grade 5 music theory. 

After completing a music degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, I have been splitting my time between being a professional musician and working in the education sector. 

In 2019, I started to specialise in primary, 11+ and Pre-Test maths tuition alongside my grade 5 theory students. I started working for The Commons in 2021 where I became an online specialist tutor working with years 2-8 students both in the UK and abroad. 

In lessons, I look at different ways to approach maths finding learning techniques that work for each individual pupil. We try to overcome any concerns and find the logic behind how the numbers work. 

From those struggling or worrying about up-coming exams, one-on-one tutoring is a way to bring positivity and confidence back into their work. 

I has an up-to-date DBS and is fully insured to work from her home office.  Please contact me if you have any further questions. 

Elementary School Student

“   I personally love Becca as a tutor, she always joins your meeting with a smile on her face! She also really helps by changing the papers to fit your ability and make you feel supported, this has always helped me and gives me a little boost of confidence so I know even if you work slowly you can still manage the harder questions! Sometimes the questions are really tricky but she always helps by putting it in different language and giving you a small helping hand! :)   ” 


—  Daisy, year 6

Children learning in kindergarden

Maths Tuition

There is such a lot to cover in maths, and it can go so fast when trying to get through it all at school. That's where maths tuition can come in very useful. We can make sure that all the areas are understood and correct any little bad habits that can come up

I try to make maths and learning a fun experience for all, finding interesting and practical ways to set out questions and learn methods. 

There are many concepts to learn at this young age and some of them can be easily learnt but not understood. I make sure that my students understand all the concepts needed 

Glasses and Music Sheet

Theory Tuition

Well done! You have achieved grade 5 in your instrument. Now you have the mammoth task of competing your grade 5 theory! 

This can come to a shock to many people when they open up a music theory book as there many areas in there which are not second nature to most musicians so most people can use a some extra help to navigate grade 5 theory.

We will start out by evaluating your exciting knowledge and then working through the topics until you are comfortable with your work. 

The exam can be done at home, online and is a  multiple choice. Exam's take every couple of months so can be done when we are ready. 



How Long Are Lessons?

I teach lessons at either 30mins, 45mins and 60mins.

This will depend on age, concentration and amount of material to cover.

Are Lessons Only Online

My lessons are currently only online. 

What Age Range?

I teach maths from year 2-9 but specialise in the 11+ and Pre Test exams. 

Music Theory can be learnt at any age so everyone is welcome!

How Much Do You Charge

The 2024 rate is £70 per hour

Distance Learning

For more information or to book in a lesson, please email

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